Why do I need to complete a lengthy application?

Our applications ask a number of questions that help our team get to know you. We look at your life style, living situation and type of animal you wish to adopt.  The answers to these questions help us determine if you and the animal of interest will be a good fit. Often times our application reviewer will make a suggestion that you might also be interested in meeting another animal before making your decision.  For example: You are looking for a loving calm dog and you work 8 hours a day. You have chosen Harry. Harry is an adorable dog (aren’t they all?) But what you don’t know is that Harry has severe separation anxiety.  We would encourage you to meet Harry at our adoption center but to also meet Fred. Fred is slightly older and does not have separation anxiety.

Why would you call my landlord?

Our goal is to place our animals in forever homes. We don’t care if you rent or own. But if you rent your property is not your own.  Obtaining landlord permission helps us guarantee that your new pet is welcome in your residence and will not be returned because of a no pet or more than one pet policy. Animals for emotional support require paperwork be submitted to the landlord.  Some landlords wait to give approval until that paperwork is submitted.

If you own, we will verify ownership from current tax records.

Minimum age for adoption is 21.

Please take time to thoughtfully fill out the application.

Adoption Applications