Sometimes we conduct the home visit without the animal being with us.  This sometimes happens if a volunteer has time to help with the home visit but does not have the time to coordinate picking up the animal to bring him/her.  

Most of the time, the dog or cat comes with us to the home visit and if the home visit is approved (including making sure other animals in the home are generally accepting of the new guy or gal) the adoption is finalized and your new companion stays to start life anew with you.  We will generally bring enough food for a few days so that you don't have to rush out and purchase supplies, but if you are adopting a cat, you will need to have a litter box and litter (or make a quick run to the local pet store).

We do not hold animals so you need to be prepared to finalize the adoption at the point of the home visit.

Finalizing the adoption consists of:

  • Providing you the animals file which includes microchip identifier information, vaccinations records, proof of spay/neuter and any other relevant documents;
  • Signing the adoption contract (a sample can be found HERE);
  • Paying the adoption fee (only cash and credit cards are accepted).

Once the adoption is finalized, we will begin the microchip transfer.