Celebrate Operation Adopt's 4th Birthday June 29th, 2019 (11a-6p)

With a small group of core donors, Operation Adopt, Burbank, was funded as a test spot for recently passed “puppy mill” legislation to see if people really would adopt orphaned shelter animals instead of “buying” commercially bred animals at a pet shop.

1256 adoptions later - we think the answer is yes! And, not only have there been adoptions, the adoptions are not finalized until a home visit is complete which is the platinum standard of care in giving these special animals a guided journey into their new life. You can just image the amount of volunteer hours it takes to get each and every animal into a new home. Thank you volunteers!

In addition to the volunteers, funding is a critical element of Operation Adopt’s ability to stay open.

Operation Adopt does not receive any federal, state or local funding. Community donations fund a large portion of the operating budget, but donations alone don’t cover the cost of providing excellent care, medical attention and a clean environment. Adoption fees help offset the additional expenses.

Operation Adopt belongs to the community and we’d like to invite you to stop by on June 29th during open hours to see the changes we’ve made and to consider a donation or order one of the following gifts from Amazon and bring it with you or ship it to Operation Adopt, 3318 W Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91505.


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Pamm's seizure meds ran out.

A beautiful little white, sweet, young puppy was taken to a city shelter and left. Our field operations supervisor met her and scratched her head about why this dog was there. She immediately became a TAPS dog and we gave her the name Pamm after one of our most beloved volunteer who had recently died.


About 10 days after coming into Operation Adopt, Pamm had a series of seizures. You can imagine how frightening it was for staff to watch this dainty puppy and feel utterly helpless. She was taken to an emergency vet and since that day she has had seizures on and off as we try to find a correct dose of anti-seizure medication.

Photo Apr 21, 9 37 09 AM.jpg

What we think happened (and after speaking to more people about animals like Pamm coming to the shelter and confirming our speculations) is that whoever had her could not afford her care anymore so they took her to the shelter. While she may have had a build-up of anti-seizure medication in her system, it wore off and the seizures began again.

Photo May 22, 9 01 38 AM.jpg

Lucky Pamm got into a foster home right away and while her foster mom has had many sleepless and feeling-helpless nights over the past few months, the seizures are finally under control.

We just know there is someone out there to adopt Pamm and who desires to help a very special, special-needs companion (who is great with babies, toddlers and other sweet dogs)!

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Bella's a Therapy Dog!

Bella (whose former name was Bonnie at TAPS), a Great Pyrenees, was rescued from the Porterville Animal Shelter in 2016. She had several fosters who loved her before being adopted into an awesome home. Bella shook off the shelter stigma real fast and started catching up on lost time. Loving family, stable life and the pursuit of goals. The most recent accomplishment is getting her Therapy Dog Certification. Good job team Bella (including the foster families who opened their homes for her along her journey)!

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