The Bonnie Herscher Fund


     Anyone who knows Bonnie Herscher knows that she does not shy away from much.  No matter how difficult or  insurmountable an issue may seem, she plugs away, patiently, in her gorgeously graceful way, making a difference.  Bonnie contacted The Animal Protectorates a few weeks before her official retirement as an emergency room nurse.  She told us that the second she retired, she wanted to devote her time to helping animals.  And, apart from caring for her family, she does just that.  

     In addition to spending countless hours volunteering at Operation Adopt (our pet adoption center in Burbank, CA), she fosters newborns (with and without the moms), sick animals, healthy animals, shy animals and those who are so broken that without financial aid, they would not make it out of the shelter system alive - and it is for those animals where her talent and passion lie.  

     Sick and injured animals have a slim chance of getting out of the shelter system alive because frequently the extent of their injuries and potential veterinary costs are unknown - no one wants to take a chance on or make a financial investment in them - even if a simple surgery could fix them and enable them to live full happy lives.  These animals are stuck in back rooms at the shelters, away from public view, and aside from volunteers pleading with rescue groups to help them (or rescue groups asking to see "who is in the back room"), they remain the unknown and unnamed wards of animal services.  These are the animals Bonnie's heart connects with.

     In honor of Bonnie's strong desire to help these sick and injured animals, her family established this fund for that specific purpose. Donations to the Bonnie Herscher Fund made on this page are earmarked to provide veterinary care for adoptable animals who might not otherwise get to exit the shelter and enter new homes.   Tax ID number 46-2323624