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If you already use Amazon, this is a no-brainer!  You just need to make your purchases using amazon’s giving site (which is the same as the regular amazon site except for the address is and then choose us as your charity!   Easy,easy way to give.  It doesn’t cost you any more – except a few minutes to sign up and choose The Animal Protectorates as your charity of choice.   Then, every time you shop on Amazon, 0.5% comes back to us on eligible purchases. 



California:  If you sign up for Ralph’s community program, you can help orphaned animals every time you shop.  Here are the instructions to register or add TAPS as a recipient.  This is how we are listed with Ralph’s:  THE ANIMAL PROTECTORATES NPO #81253



Tennessee:     (Community giving stores coming soon)



Check to see if your company matches donations – sometimes they match 100% of your donations!  What an awesome thing!  There are so many companies that match, but the employees never know.  Find out who to ask (and then bug them a little until you find out).  You may even be able to advocate to implement a matching program (which would not only benefit TAPS but other employees who want to give to their favorite charities)!

FACEBOOK Fundraiser


The Animal Protectorates has been approved by the powers that be at Facebook so that creating a fundraiser for the Operation Adopt animals is super easy.  When you make your next animal related post (because you know your friends already say you're animal a good way), all you have to do is look for three little dots (...) below the post and click them.  Then a world of buttons opens up like magic.  Click on Support Nonprofit and start typing in The Animal Protectorates and voila! command your own fundraising campaign like the rockstar we know you are.  (Let us know if you start one, so that we too may accolade you.)


Monthly donations of any amount helps the nonprofit become sustainable and operate proactively rather than reactively.  When you invest monthly, you stand right alongside volunteers and staff who care for orphaned shelter animals.  The Animal Protectorates' (of which you are included) belief that orphaned shelter animals have worth, erases a negative stigma and reshapes the way they are viewed in society.  Join with us monthly and every time you see a deduction on your statement, you can pause and know that you helped an animal this month.


When people are happy, especially after having adopted a super cute face-licking dog or cat, they forget how much their review can really shout the mission of helping shelter animals from the rooftop (or mountaintop). We are also all ears, too,  if you didn't have a super great experience - we'd love to love to hear how you think we can make things better at   These review sites are complicated because sometimes a reviewer has no possible way of knowing the whole picture - like what may have happened before, during and after a visit to Operation Adopt.  If you have a few minutes, we would really appreciate your input.  Just click on the logo and you'll go there!  (For Google, the review option is down along the right side of the page.)