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A boutique full-service adoption center – humane, principled, absolutely unique.

3318 W Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank, CA  91505

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday:    closed for animal care                                  Friday - Sunday         11a-6p open to public



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Spa days, exercise regimens, immaculate environments, attentive medical care and service with a smile are the standard
menu for guests at Operation Adopt – our revolutionary full service adoption center in Burbank, California.

Imagine… a “half-way house” where the focus is on match-making orphaned animals with clientele who want to adopt but who won’t go to a shelter because the lingering image of caged animals haunt them.
Imagine… an out-of-the-box thinking group of leaders who know that if animals are taken out of a shelter and re-introduced to a community in a lovingly energized, spotless setting, that they are seen in a whole new light.
Imagine… dogs and cats shaking off the stigma of being unwanted and thriving in a secure, upbeat and hopeful environment where all their individual needs are met and their future becomes brighter as a result of a structured adoption approach.
Imagine… hand-picked staff and volunteers who are passionate about animals and who move forward together with a common vision.

We aren’t a shelter. We aren’t a home. We are that solid, safe place in the middle – the bridge into hearts and families.



We look forward to seeing you!

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We are Operation Adopt, where the health and wellbeing of our animals and the community are our top priorities.

Clientele and donors see the value in all that we are doing and appreciate that our home visits are one part of our structured adoption approach – they (and we!) wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t visit a home to decline an adoption. Instead, we’re looking for ways to help facilitate that adoption and make a match that’s as perfect as possible. So, if there’s is a hole in the fence that we know an escape artist dog will find within minutes, we allow time for it to be fixed. If we know that a dog can jump over the 4-foot fence, we’ll place a dog as soon as the height alterations have been made. If an applicant says they are going to leave a cat outside to roam in
an area where coyotes live, our cat isn’t staying. We don’t decline adoptions just because people work, or have children, or don’t have a yard. Instead, we bring every bit of knowledge we have about the animal’s history to make sure he or she is placed in a setting that’s uniquely right for that specific dog or cat. When we place our signature purple Operation Adopt collar on the animals in our care, it is a symbol of our promise to them that they will never have to enter shelter walls again! Our home visits are common-sense encounters to maximize the likelihood of a permanent placement. That’s how we fulfill the promise we’ve made to our animals.

Many groups have recently turned to “open adoptions.” Those aren’t really different from the shelter system, where anyone coming in with a driver’s license can adopt. That may produce a higher number of adoptions, but it’s not what Operation Adopt is about. In fact, we’re proud not to cater to immediate gratification. We focus only on quality placements, in long term homes, for people who understand and support our vision.

We founded The Animal Protectorates while we were working on “puppy mill” legislation – new laws aimed at stopping pet shops that acquired their dogs from “puppy mills.” Why not get highly adoptable animals from shelters instead?! Operation Adopt is the product of that amazingly successful work. We fill a need for people who want to adopt shelter animals – who really want to help - but who can’t bear going to a shelter and are looking for the most humane and caring alternative. The reason that people don’t bat an eye paying higher adoption fees is because they know they are helping sustain an exceptional adoption center - staffing, rent and all of the other costs that go along with running it.

This is cutting edge thinking – not easy and no short cuts – but we hope to be an inspiration to groups across the country to emulate our successful model, based on a radically new vision.