Dear Future Pet Parent,

We think you'll agree that making a decision to care for the life of an animal - who is totally dependent on you for everything - is a big one.  Because these dogs and cats have already been let down at least once, The Animal Protectorates approach adoption seriously. The focus is not on quantity of adoptions but quality of life for the animal and the human family they touch.  Here are the steps of the Structured Adoption Approach™.

HOURS and Address (click on links for information):  

Some animals are in foster homes and we need to make arrangements for you to meet them at the center.  Please contact us ahead of time if you are interested in meeting a specific animal.

Operation Adopt, Burbank, CA

Operation Adopt, Friendsville, TN


There are reasons that we have an adoption radius.  The main one is because volunteers help conduct the home visits and they also have jobs, families and a host of other responsibilities, so there are just simply not enough hours in the day to drive far away (especially in a lot of traffic).  There are few rare exceptions to the radius such as finding a perfect home for a senior animal or one that has other special needs that we have not been able to place locally for an extended period of time.

At the Burbank, CA Operation Adopt, the radius is generally 15 miles from zip code 91505.  

At the Friendsville, TN Operation Adopt, the radius is generally 50 miles from zip code 37737.

You can check here to see if you are in the radius.


Filling out an adoption application prior to visiting Operation Adopt saves a lot of time and lets us know that you may be interested in adopting a certain animal.  Sometimes if you visit Operation Adopt when we are really busy and don't have an application on file, we aren't able to assist you if we are assisting other potential adopters who have completed an application.  Adoption applications are here.  Plus, we may be able to provide you with insight as to why an animal may not be the right fit for you (which we will only know if we have an application on file to review).  

Applications are here.  NOTE:  When you complete the application and hit submit, the screen may appear to go blank.  But, if you scroll up to the top, it will say submitted.  The application will not submit if there are unanswered questions.  Also, if you are completing the application from a phone, you need to hold the phone horizontally in order to get to the submit button.  You will receive a confirmation email if your application is successfully submitted.


Volunteers perform home visits prior to all adoptions.  To read more about home visits and what to expect, click here.


For more information on adoption fees and the TAPS philosophy click here.  If you would like to know the adoption fee of a certain animal prior to visiting Operation Adopt, you can complete an application and ask the adoption coordinator, or email

All TAPS animals are spayed/neutered, current on age appropriate vaccinations and microchipped before they go to new homes because that's the responsible way to keep them all safe.